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YouCanFree.Us is an international human rights organization that is fighting human trafficking around the world through advocacy, rescue and rehabilitation. They rescue women and children out of slavery and commercial sexual exploitation, provide psychosocial care and holistic healing, and help them to re-enter society.


Their fight against modern day slavery began in 2010.  The first initiatives started in New Delhi, India and main operations are currently in Mumbai, India, and in Poland.  Additionally, they have held many awareness campaigns and events including 5K runs, fashion shows, art exhibitions, and TV and radio shows across several cities in the United States and Canada.  Their primary focus has been on rescue and rehabilitation of victims as well as on awareness campaigns.  However, they are now expanding their scope to address prevention of human trafficking through a comprehensive educational curriculum.


At their safe houses, YouCanFree.Us have women and young girls who have suffered physically and emotionally at the hands of traffickers; these young victims are restarting their lives.  In Mumbai, India, their focus is on rescuing women from the red light district, called Kamathipura, which is a cluster of 2,000, buildings with over 100,000 girls trapped. Most of these women are forced to see 30-40 men every single night and are paid 50 cents for every customer.


Sanjana joined YouCanFree.Us when she was eight months pregnant and dangerously malnourished.  On September 18, 2014, she delivered a precious baby girl.  Sanjana is now on the path to healing a freedom.  Thankfully, Sanjana’s daughter will also live in freedom.


Human Trafficking is the fight of our generation, the most pressing social issue of our time, with more people trapped in slavery than at the heights of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.


There are currently between 21 and 36 million people worldwide living in slavery, and in India alone, an estimated 14.7 million slaves.  There are more people enslaved now than there were in four centuries of trans-Atlantic slave trade combined.

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