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Recreational Vehicle insurance (RV insurance) is an insurance policy that protects individuals who own or drive recreational vehicles such as RV’s, ATV’s and more from losses or liabilities that result from accidents, natural causes, thefts or vandalism. Most insurance policies are specifically customized to fit the unique needs of each vehicle user. These policies cover many of the risk possibilities that could occur that are not covered under most standard automobile insurance policies.

In general, most insurance companies provide Recreational Vehicle insurance for motor homes (classes A, B and C), motor coaches and camper vans, as well as professional and non-professional bus conversions. Although some insurance companies may have their own definitions of what qualifies as a RV, these vehicles usually must have refrigeration, bathroom facilities, a 110-125 volt electrical system, cooking appliances, a drinkable water supply and self-contained heating or air-conditioning. Note that non-motorized travel trailers are not considered RVs.

RV insurance works by protecting the RV owner from a monetary loss due to various situations. An RV is completely different from a standard vehicle as it is essentially a home on wheels that is full of amenities and valuable possessions. As a result, an RV requires special coverage that is not covered under car insurance policies. Possible loss situations include the loss or theft of personal belongings from an RV, an injury sustained while in the RV, or RV damage while driving the vehicle.

There are multiple types of RV coverage available, and individuals can choose from a wide selection of coverage options to address various types of situations. Examples of specific RV coverage include roadside assistance, personal effect replacement, emergency expense, total loss recovery/agreed value, vacation liability and a full-timers package. RV coverage will usually also include the basic liability coverage that is standard with an automobile insurance policy. All types of Recreational Vehicle coverage can be beneficial in protecting individuals from potential situations that may occur while operating the vehicle.

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